In an attempt to raise liquidity for institutional crypto investors, the main cryptocurrency exchange company Bitfinex, the sister company of stablecoin issuing company Tether (USDT), says it has raised a multimillion-dollar crypto hedge fund called Fulgur Alpha.

The exchange press release says the Bahamas-based Fulgur Alpha is a $ 280 million “absolute pay-per-view crypto hedge fund”, meaning that it is designed using a variety of strategies to generate a stable income, regardless of what the market is doing.

However, the fund is only available to professional investors, says Bitfinex, and aims to increase the size of assets under management for the current year. Fulgur Alpha’s assets are owned by Delchin Limited, a licensed trustee, banking, capital markets provider and start-up digital asset consulting company, with its regulatory aspects of the Bahamas-based fund administrator and Deltec International Group Division, called Deltec Fund Services.
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“A key aspect of this listing is that the fund trades almost exclusively on Bitfinex,” said Paolo Ardino, chief technology officer at Bitfinex, saying that “[Bitfinex] has the most liquidity books.”

However, according to the EurekaHedd Cryptocurrency Currency Index, crypto hedge funds returned -1.31% in February, + 19.38% in January and 8.95% in January. Their historical monthly results chart, from 2013, shows that January growth was the largest since May 2019, with the February decline being the smallest so far, the lowest since the hedge fund database provider EurekaHedg.

Speaking of hedge funds, as of late February, the New York hedge fund Fortress Investment Group has allocated $ 1,300 to Bitcoin because it seems to buy creditor claims from the mountain. Gox, the cryptocurrency exchange that crashed in 2014, is owned by thousands of BTC users.


New Zealand – my wedding, honeymoon, and vacation destination!

New Zealand is a small country but there is so much to see and do. About the size and shape of Great Britain or Japan, its population is only four million, so it is not crowded.
About a thousand years ago, New Zealand is one of the most virgin destinations in the world, with a third of the land protected as a park or reserve. New Zealand’s landscapes are stunningly beautiful and include vast mountain ranges, steam volcanoes, vast coastlines, lawn mangrove niches, heavily indented lanes and lush rainforests.
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The mild climate with a small seasonal contrast makes it perfect all year round, a haven for romantic seekers, peace, renewal and relaxation, as well as a playground for thrill seekers and adventurers. Whether you dream of attending a romantic wedding on a beach on Waiheke Island, or surrounded by its enchanting beauty of New Zealand’s highest peaks and glaciers, New Zealand is the perfect venue for a wedding, honeymoon and vacation. Not very interesting and out of the ordinary. I fell in love and decided to marry. but where?
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I know everyone dreams that their wedding will be the day they will always remember. Well, I can say that my wedding day was really special, but the best of all is that it wasn’t just one day – it was a whole month where we spent our honeymoon in New Zealand. What made it so special was my dream, my dream to visit New Zealand.
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I know this sounds strange and you’re asking yourself – why New Zealand? Is it because it is on the other side of the world or perhaps because it is amazingly beautiful, or because of its strange landscapes, its great wines, its great festivals and its great outdoor activities. Whether you decide to get married in New Zealand, spend a honeymoon in New Zealand, or just go on vacation, I can assure you that it will be the journey of a lifetime and you will never forget it.
To this day I do not know the reason. However, I know I fell in love with New Zealand and I’m sure you’ll do it too. I can also say that I am still dreaming of my next vacation to New Zealand and maybe even a day moving there – I would honestly be able to say I am living my dream!
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Mexico Vacation Packages – Overview of the most popular destinations and options

Mexico offers a lot of fun to all kinds of visitors. It is often the first foreign country visited by many American travelers. Whether you want to explore the ruins of Mayan civilization, rest on the beach, visit sights in a big city, or go shopping, you can count on finding holiday packages in Mexico tailored to your interests.
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With the right travel package, nothing will be left to chance. Your arrangements will be guaranteed, from the moment you enter the airport until the moment you arrive home. The country is famous for its amazing and all-inclusive resorts located in all famous tourist areas. You can also take a cruise along the Mexican Riviera.
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It is up to you whether you want to book your ticket and stay at the same time. Some packages include plane tickets, others do not. There are dozens of airports across the United States that offer non-stop flights to top Mexican destinations. Even if you don’t live near an international airport, you can still find a lot on flights. It is necessary to check the Trusted Travel Price Comparison site to view all prices and search for all options.
Where should you go?

Some of the most popular holiday packages in Mexico include:


Los Cabos


Riviera Maya


• Vallarta Nayarit


Mexico City

• Playa del Carmen


Puerto Vallarta

This is a versatile choice of places. Although the weather is always nice and warm in Mexico, not all beaches. There are densely populated cities and historical sites with ancient ruins to explore as well.
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If possible, you may want to stay in an all-inclusive resort so you can be sure you will need to provide it, from meals to comfortable private bathrooms. If you are the type to get out, consider booking your car rental as well as plane travel and hotel accommodation. The leading discount travel websites will give you the option to do so. The minimum number of days that you will be required to stay varies depending on the package.
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There is no rule stating that only one party should be bound when considering vacation packages in Mexico. You may want to consider a Mexican cruise. Some cruise routes in the Caribbean include Mexican cities such as Cozumel. You can check out beach trip deals to get some ideas on the recreational activities you can do while you are at the port. Like all-inclusive resort packages, cruises vary from three nights to several nights.
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Get a discount on vacation packages in Mexico online. Promotional codes and coupons will help you get a huge piece of your next travel order. There are also tools and apps that you need to help you find the cheapest airline, hotel, rental car rates and more.
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Chicago, Illinois 2008 Holiday Destinations

Sears Tower

This is a must for any visitor to Chicago, Illinois. The skyscraper stands 1454 feet tall, and it’s really a spectacular sight! You can ride this 110-story building on a 70-second elevator and enjoy stunning views of Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin from the rooftop of the sky on the 103rd floor. You can learn more about Chicago history and tower construction, here.

The Chicago Marine Quay is awash with scenery and sounds. There is a fifteen-storey Ferris wheel, plenty of refreshments, IMAX theater, band shows and much more. There is even a children’s museum that you will absolutely love. Children can explore a wide range of things from dinosaurs to sailboats in this magnificent museum. Of course, there is a beautiful lake view that is a pleasure for your eyes.
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Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum

This twelve-sided building has two theatrical sides of the sky, one of which was the first astronomical dome in this part of the world. Theaters allow you to look closely at distant stars and planets. You will also enjoy Star Rider theater featuring virtual reality displays using 3D simulation technology.
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Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio

Guided tours are offered through this historic building constructed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1889. You can see the Wright studio and its chain-hung balcony, along with a games room designed for his children. You will marvel at the intricate design and great features of this unique home.

Wrigley Field

A trip to Chicago isn’t complete without visiting this comfortable stadium – the favorite spot for Chicago Cubs fans. The stadium first opened in 1914 and features ivy-brick walls outside and a handheld scoreboard, as was the case in the previous era.

The Field Museum of Natural History

Enter this power of knowledge as you greet two colossal elephants and the Sue, the museum’s famous Tyrannosaurus Rex structure. Here, you will discover a world of wonders from botany, geology, paleontology and many more.

Chicago Botanical Garden

Located 25 miles from the city, this place features restored lawns, Japanese gardens, giant topiaries and around 20 types of gardens. The Bee Line, a glass can of more than 10,000 pollinating bees, is a major attraction. The park is a 400 acre sanctuary and is a great place to stroll and have fun with the family.


Chinatown has a wide range of Chinese and Cantonese restaurants, and serves a Middle Eastern feel in the heart of Chicago. The place stands out with colors and decorations during the Chinese New Year celebrations. Visitors can search for deals in gift shops and bookstores.

Don’t forget to savor the true flavor of Chicago – the famous Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. It tastes like anything you had before. You can also try the magic of jazz and blues at many of the city’s live music clubs, because these are the things that make Chicago a great vacation destination. Chicago – It is not just a city. It is an experience, you will never forget!


Romantic getaway tips destination for married couples

There are couples looking for destination tips for their trips. Reading tips from people who have already moved to the places they have appropriately described in their reviews can make their recommendations easier to digest and endorse. Married couples seem to be wiser than first-time honeymooners, so they’re more curious when it comes to spending their holidays or vacations until they get the best deals for their budget.
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But above all else, why do couples find romantic destinations? Well, for the top reason for the list, most of these couples want to catch the spark again in their relationship.
all inclusive vacation packages with airfare
Some just want to enjoy each other’s company again after having children and other great responsibilities. And some even just want to rediscover each other after hitting a bus called reality. With all these reasons behind couples, providing the best tip tips is a guide for them. Maybe they were too busy even to find out what are the most romantic getaway places.
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For couples, they want a place with three basic factors: food, relaxation, and generous stay. After getting married for a while, they want a destination that can make them feel excited and relax in each other’s company.
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The first option is Antigua in the Caribbean. Relaxing to most couples will mean sunny beaches that roll over and relax more. This is a small island with small but cozy hotels offering spa and other body treatments that can relieve all those tense muscles and free the thoughts of their visitors. The best part of it is that it is in the tropics, so you can expect sunny weather all year round.
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The second will be surprisingly close, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. If your wife is golfing or deep sea fishing for fun, then this is your first choice. There are also luxury hotels that can accommodate you in the best and most elegant way in the area.
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The city near the bay or San Francisco California is the romantic city that can be reached in all states. If only both of you cannot be considered a strange haven and prefer a very global destination, then this is the place for you. The bill also fits for most couples who are tight on a budget. Checking in to five-star hotels or eating at its world-class restaurants can allow you to return to romantic days with your wife.

California’s Napa Valley is perfect for married couples who love and savor wine tours. It is also an opportunity to get to know other couples who happen to share the same hobby you might have or to discover the wine world together. The charming valley town can look like Italy, and warm people with upscale hotels can keep you comfortable in your stay.

A married couple must learn to enjoy each other’s company in order to maintain a romantic friendship. Learning new activities together or indulging in your favorite destinations can make your connections stronger. You will always appreciate getting married to each other after each trip you take.


Travel Tips for the World – All about getting around in Morocco

It is always a good idea to travel to new places. If you have the time, money and passion to travel and have fun, you can go every year to some of the best tourist destinations in the world. A great place to explore anytime soon is Morocco. Generally an Islamic nation, Morocco is very diverse in landscape. Besides its coasts, the country has dry barren deserts, mountains and woodland.
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In addition, it has a rich cultural heritage with European and Arab influences. Morocco occupies mainly Berbers and Arabs. It is believed that the first descendants of Portuguese and Spaniards who fled Reconquista on the Iberian Peninsula in 1400. Morocco (Casablanca) is a great place to live with your family, being home to one of the long, reputable and desirable sandy beaches along the Atlantic coast.
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As you can already speculate, water sports and air sports are common things to do for tourists. Most popular of all sports is surfing. If you are coming to surf the Internet, go directly to the coastal cities with surfing places. If you want to go to the shores of the Mediterranean, the North Atlantic coast, or the South Atlantic coast. To see the famous Casablanca Beach, you must go to Rabat, the country’s capital, on the North Atlantic coast. There are a lot of things to see and do here, especially for couples who want to spend an unforgettable honeymoon.
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Additionally, be sure to visit Tangier’s Atlantic coast, which provides the cleanest and coolest water. It is best to visit it in the hot months of July and August. If you cannot travel in the summer, your alternative destination is the beaches of Tangier Mediterranean. If you like a coastal area bordered by mountains, be sure to take a tour of Plage Quemada, Al Hoceima. It is located in the middle of the Reef Mountains along the northern Mediterranean coast.
Although it is always busy and busy, Plage Quemada beach is absolutely clean, beautiful and gorgeous. There is also another beach called Asfa, which is not recommended for swimmers or for those who like to walk on the beach due to the shallow water level, sticky and dirty sand. So this place might be ideal for sightseeing, especially visiting the Spanish island.
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The beaches of Agadir are located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the southwestern region of the country. It is ideal for water sports enthusiasts who can go to private beach areas or long sandy public areas. Tangier beach is obviously perfect for surfing and other water activities and you can get some basic training if you are new to this field. Surrounded by huge mountains, Tangier is one of the most attractive beaches along the Atlantic Ocean.

It is loved by tourists and locals alike, and its white houses are special features as well. When you expand your journey in Morocco, remember to buy some souvenirs to take to your friends and family. Good examples of tagine, barbarian handmade carpets, fridge, argan oil, spices, leather accessories, and more.


Luxury vacation destination: tips to help you make the best choice

A luxurious vacation is what everyone deserves from time to time to calm the hectic life of everyday responsibilities. While it is very acceptable to work hard, take some time to enjoy life and all its pleasure is very healthy. A luxury vacation may be all you need to revitalize life again. To enjoy your vacation to the fullest, you will of course need to find the best destination that will offer you nothing of luxury. There are so many beautiful destinations and tips below that will eventually help you in the right place to try the vacation you love.
Tip 1 – Focus on your interests

What you need to remember is that not all vacation destinations are cut in the same way. While some are beach destinations, some may have history-related attractions. The easiest way to ensure that you choose the destination that meets all your needs is to start by selecting what is a luxury vacation for you. You can then select the place according to what it offers you.
Tip 2 – careful evaluation of amenities

The amenities at your disposal are very important in the type of experience that you will eventually enjoy. You can check out an exotic tourist resort, but when you lack the amenities to carry, you may end up feeling frustrated. If you cannot find this special feature inside the hotel or resort, you should at least make sure that you can still indulge in the nearby areas that offer comfort. For example, if spa treatments are part of a luxurious indulgences, make sure the resort has a spa or you can easily reach the spa near the hotel.
Tip 3 – Don’t forget your dining options

Good dining is part of any luxury vacation, so your destination should have restaurants offering international cooking options. You can find this out by checking out the best restaurants within your vacation destination. If possible, check out their individual restaurants and their menus as well, so you are sure you have options that match your dining expectations during your stay. Knowing what’s available is also easy for you to set up a holiday dining schedule that guarantees you to try everything you want.
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Tip 4 – Stay within your budget

A luxury vacation must be truly rewarding, but it must be something you can afford comfortably. To enjoy pure luxury, of course, you may need to give away a large sum of money, but it is worth it. Create a reasonable budget that won’t stop you from enjoying the best, but one that also keeps you financial secure even after spending your luxury vacation that you deserve so much. Some destinations are very popular with luxury holidays and charge a higher fee for this experience, but you may enjoy the same kind of luxury in a less popular location.


Japan travel destination – Yakushima Island

Yakushima is an island off the southeastern coast of Japan. It has been officially recognized by UNESCO and has been inscribed on the World Heritage List since 1993. Yakushima is an unusual travel destination, even referred to as a magic island, where more than seventy-five percent of the place is covered with thick forests and mountains. Snow covers mountain peaks throughout the winter, and the subtropical climate in coastal areas. These mountains receive heavy rain, which makes the climate of Yakushima much richer than other parts of Japan. The word Yakushima means island of medicine and herbalists all over the world have been growing local herbs for various treatments for a long time.

With one main road going around the island, beautiful mountains, paths and waterfalls along the way attract many hikers and nature lovers. Fruit parks and museums are one of the most important tourist attractions that make Yakushima a charming place. The Fruit Park is located on the island's southwestern coast, and offers a relaxing stroll between tropical trees and fruit plants. The museums and visitor centers of Yakushima show the natural wonders of the island. It also provides a journey to know the history of Yakushima Island.

This mountainous region offers a large collection of beautiful landscapes. There are two waterfalls, "Okonotaki" and "Senpironotaki", just off the main road. Beaches are also dotted on the island, the most famous of which is "Nagata-inaka-hama". If you encounter the island between May and August, you may encounter giant sea turtles. They come to the beach to lay eggs late at night (or early in the morning, depending on what you look at), between 1 am and 2 am.

Some buses run between the main destinations within the island, but renting a car in Yakushima is a must in practice. It's a long way from Tokyo and requires a ferry or a trip from Kagoshima, but it's hardship for those of you who are hungry for some adventure.


Travel at the best destinations in the world

The best places to travel around the world were fairly standard. In fact, most people couldn't travel much, however. If travel is possible, it is usually done in a car, train or bus. Now that air travel has become much less expensive, many destinations that one might not think of are becoming more and more popular for travelers and vacationers around the world. The following countries are some of the best places to travel in the past year, and some may surprise you!

South Africa

South African beauty is originality. Not only do you have many modern cities to tour and fancy cuisine to savor, but you also have the beauty of natural wildlife, including animals that you will never see anywhere else in the world. There is tremendous warmth from the locals and fantastic culture.


Travelers love Argentina for all kinds of reasons. The subtropical climate makes for a wonderful and wonderful place to escape, the waterfalls are abundant and breathtaking. On the other hand, Argentina has beautiful mountains full of snow if you want to ski. Buenos Aires is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with an amazing nightlife and a strong beating heart.


Visiting the Philippines is a favorite experience by many due to the kindness of the locals and the beauty of the ocean. Locals are known for inviting tourists to their homes and providing voluntary information on culture. The beach is a very popular destination for sea surfers and those who love water sports.

Czech Republic

Known for its stunning beauty and delicious food, the Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe. Many people visit the country alone, but it is preferred for those who want to visit many other European destinations. The country has more than 2000 Chateaus, more than any other country in the world per square kilometer!


This may sound like a more popular favorite destination, but many say Tahiti is the most beautiful country in the world. Colors, beaches and serenity give it the highest rating and it is one of the best places you wish to visit in your life.


If you are visiting South Africa then you will surely take time to visit Zambia, the beautiful neighbor that houses one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls. Zambia is full of friendly, peaceful people, a cultural experience that many enjoy.


India is a vibrant and vibrant cultural, and is one of the best places to experience fine culture, great cuisine and ultimate beauty. The people of India are very friendly and inviting, and the architecture is amazing. Of course, one of the most amazing things that we see is a beautiful living tiger in the wild. India is a proud and spacious country, the jewel of the traveler.


Indonesia is a popular place for tourists visiting New Zealand and Australia consisting of more than 60,000 beautiful islands to surf, swim and relax.


There are not many places more beautiful than a country in the middle of the Mediterranean. With the ancient architecture of the Egyptian pyramids, Malta is a beautiful destination that the traveler will never forget.


People in Croatia do not think of tourist destinations, but they are becoming more and more popular. A small country with great diversity, Croatia like Europe and the Mediterranean combined. Great food, great wine, great people – it's really a nice place to visit.

Although some of the above mentioned travel destinations may not look like the usual places you visit for a vacation, each one is a valuable place that travelers from all over the world cherish and love. Everyone should enjoy the experience of everyone who wants to see the world.


Explore the small towns of West Aruba

Although the western hotel area and the capital of Oranjestad – located along the southwestern shore – are Aruba's main tourist destinations, there are many small towns throughout the island that offer unique sightseeing opportunities. In the western half of the island, a short drive from both the western beaches and Oranjestad, tourists will find many unique communities that offer not only distinct sights and experiences, but easy access to many of the most spectacular sights and natural attractions in Aruba.


Noord is a short drive north of Oranjestad, and is home to some of Aruba's most popular historical monuments. In the heart of the city, visitors will find the Santa Anna Church – also known as St. Ann's Church – a wonderful home of worship known for its hand-carved altar in the nineteenth century. Although the church of Santa Anna was renovated throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the parish has been the focal point of daily life in Nord since 1776.

Just north of Santa Anna Church, which is located on a windward hill overlooking the north shore of Aruba, travelers will find the famous Alto Vista Church. Known for its distinctive yellow exterior and unparalleled views of the Caribbean Sea, Alto Vista Chapel is one of the most famous sights in Aruba. Noord also provides easy access to California Lighthouse, a popular scenic destination near the northwestern tip of the island.

The town of Noord can be reached from Oranjestad and the West Coast in a few minutes. Travelers visiting the city from Oranjestad can follow the Caya Francisco de Figueroa north from the heart of the city, while those staying near Palm Beach can reach Nord by way 3 east to the easily monitored Santa Anna Church.


A few miles southeast of Noord, travelers will find the comfortable city of Paradera. Although Paradera is one of the lesser known communities in Aruba, this area close to the center of the island is not without activities. Within just a minute's drive from the heart of Paradera, travelers can explore Casibari Rock Formations – a field of mysterious rocks with usual hiking trails. Visitors who get more of the largest rocks between Casibari rock formations will find great views of Paradera, Santa Cruz and Aruban countryside.

Paradera can be reached from Oranjestad, by way 6 towards the north shore, or from the western beach resorts by following road 4 or scenic route 3 through the town of Calpas.

Santa Cruz

In the center of the island, visitors will find Santa Cruz – a community essentially known for its proximity to a wide range of attractions and outdoor leisure opportunities. Tourists visiting Santa Cruz from the west coast often stop at the former home of the Natural Bridge – once one of the most picturesque natural attractions in Aruba. Although the natural bridge collapsed in 2005, the adjacent kid's bridge is now celebrated as equally charming.

Aruba's first leisure and outdoor leisure destination – Arikoc National Park – east of Santa Cruz. Within the park, adventurous tourists can explore everything from rugged desert landscapes, unique local plant fields, and volcanic peaks that offer views of the island and the Caribbean Sea to historic caves, including Fontein Cave and Guadirikiri Cave.

A short drive from Santa Cruz, travelers can also climb a 541-foot high known as Hooiberg. Since Hooiberg features steps and handrails all the way to the top, the mountain is a popular destination for walking for families and travelers looking for casual outdoor entertainment. From the top of Hooiberg, visitors will be able to enjoy the views across the island, on clear days, even to the mainland of South America.

The town of Santa Cruz and its entertainment destinations near Oranjestad can be reached via Route 6 or from the western beach areas by walking on Route 3 to Paradera, then follow Route 6 north towards Arik National Park.

While the beaches, resorts and the world capital of Oranjestad are definitely the largest in Europe, the smaller communities scattered in the western half of the island allow tourists to have a more complete picture of the island. And most of all, as the roads leading to many of the island's tourist destinations pass through cities like Noord and Santa Cruz, tourists are able to experience another relaxing side of Aruba easily and affordably.


5 tips for Grand Canyon tours that will leave you Spellbound

If you are looking for a great place to spend your vacation in 2015, you should seriously consider going to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is amazingly beautiful, and it's full of adventure too. There are many tours available, and here are five tips to help you choose a good one.

Tip # 1 – Find out which part of the valley you will tour

You can start a tour of the valley from two general locations. One place is located near the major gates of South Rim and the other in Las Vegas. If you are going to take off from Vegas, you will have the opportunity to wander around the West or South Rim. If you leave South Rim instead, you will have to wander around that valley.

Tip # 2 – Buy your tour in advance

You want to book your tour early. Tours fill up quickly because they are very popular, and if you are waiting to buy your seats, the tour may be complete. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy round seats two weeks ago if possible, before closing.

Tip # 3 – Use a low internet rate

Avoid travel agents when purchasing your tour, and go directly to the tour operator's website, so you can use internet rates. So you can save a lot of money on your tour. Online bookings are also more convenient, and let you see all tour times and options to choose from.

Tip # 4 – Book a landing tour for added fun

Try to book a landing tour if you have enough time to spend in the valley. This provides a more comprehensive experience than you would get on an air-only tour, but you need to take one of Vegas. One fun tour to look at is a champagne tour that takes you to the valley floor where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll.

Vegas helicopter tours are also available in a premium version. Basic trips are cheaper, but they depart from Boulder, while luxury tours are more convenient because they depart directly from the Vegas Strip. In addition, the deluxe tour gives you an air tour of the strip and picks up service in a limousine.

Tip # 5 – Buy a seat window

When purchasing your tour, you can reserve the best seats as well, all you have to do is pay an additional $ 50 for the front window seat and another $ 10 for the regular window seat. This gives you the best chance to experience breathtaking scenery without hindrance. In the end, the pilot decides to arrange the seats right before the plane takes off, so there is an opportunity that you will not get the seat you are booking, and if that happens, you will not have to pay the additional fees. Definitely worth trying to get though.

It is a good idea to book a flight that takes off in the morning. This is a good idea in the summer, as it gets high in the afternoon. It is common for temperatures to reach 100 degrees or more in the summer. Plus, your flight will be smoother because the air is quieter in the morning.

You'll want to wear weather clothes, so you'll be comfortable with your tour, especially if it's a landing tour. Check the weather forecast the night before or the morning of your tour, so you know what the conditions will be. This will help you know what to wear. You won't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable inside a helicopter, plane or bus, because all of these have climate control.


These tips will help you book the best possible tour. Just remember to book your tour in advance and take it online, and you can save up to 35% of your tour price. So start planning your tour of Grand Canyon now, so you can experience one of the world's greatest natural attractions.


The most dangerous countries to travel with children

People travel for a variety of reasons, such as business, fun, and learning, to name a few. While some love to explore new cultures and environments, others choose to travel and volunteer in disaster sites. Some travel to relax, some travel to expose themselves to experiences and challenges that they cannot experience returning home at. Regardless, travel becomes a more satisfying experience when you have your children with you.

Although there are inherent risks to travel anywhere in the world, there are some countries that pose a high risk of traveling with children. This can be due to many reasons: natural terrain, political conflict, weather conditions, violent gangs, and more. While you may have travel insurance for children, it is still useful to identify countries that are not safe for them. So, without further ado, here are 5 of the most dangerous countries to travel with children.


Brazil is definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is packed with stunning views and outside of these world-class tourist sites. However, this country also has an epic crime rate, with murder rates four times that of the United States.


If you are into splendid architecture and love to experience Eastern culture, then Russia is the place for you. But keep in mind that violent hate crimes in this country have increased dramatically over the past few years. Traveling with your children to southern states, in particular, is risky due to political turmoil and terrorist activity.


One of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, Zimbabwe is famous for its stunning Victoria Falls and massive game parks. But like the countries mentioned above, they are also very volatile and prone to political turmoil. Worse, he suffers from the deteriorating economic conditions that leave many locals desperate. Before planning a trip to this country, make sure that your travel insurance for children is covered.


Haiti is perhaps among the few countries in the world with some of the most interesting natural places in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, the country has become a home to widespread violence and kidnapping crimes, with most victims being beaten and raped.

# 5. Kenya

Kenya possesses natural wonder qualities and is famous for the Nairobi National Park. There is no doubt that this east African country has some of the best gaming shows in the world. Apparently, Kenya has become one of the most crime-torn African countries. In fact, most tourist destinations have become a haven for armed attackers, car drivers, pickpockets, and even terrorists.

Of course, the countries mentioned above are just a few of the many destinations that travelers are advised to avoid anywhere. All of them, too, are high on the list of most insurance companies. Although the beauty and experience of these countries are first-class, you do not want to risk traveling there with your children. It's not just worth it.


Top tips for visiting the Netherlands during the Tulip season

There is no such thing as a colorful sea of ​​tulips. Not many people can claim to have seen this phenomenon. If they have, it is likely to be in the Netherlands, the capital of the world in lavender lavender. For a relaxing and refreshing spring weekend, take a trip to the country of lavender, which also includes picturesque cities, fine beer, cheese, and clogs souvenirs.

Tulip related activities

No visit to the Netherlands between late March and late May is complete without a trip to Keukenhof Gardens where the truly natural world comes in and displays more exciting colors than would otherwise appear anywhere. The huge garden is dedicated to tulips. Each year flowers are grown in various configurations and colored shapes to celebrate a specific theme. In 2012, Poland – the heart of Europe – is the hub of lily's splendor that lasted for two months. Expect to hear classical music on Chopin repertoire and alike because organizers believe flowers and music are a match made in heaven.

Events in Keukenhof in 2012 will include Chopin Weekend on March 24 and 25, a Dutch fashion festival on March 30 and April 1, and the Easter festival on April 9, among many others. No wonder the CNN named Keukenhof is one of the best destinations around the world!

Buses to attractions depart regularly from Schiphol Station and central Amsterdam.

Nearby you will also find extensive fields of lavender plantations that can be explored on foot or by bike. The fields are fully functional and much faster than the Keukenhof family of flowers. Guided tours are available for those who want to learn more about how lily has become one of the most famous national symbols in the Netherlands, how new types are developed and what it takes to develop a healthy array of tulips.

Other activities

Visitors to the Netherlands should take a boat tour of Amsterdam, Leiden or other cities with advanced canal systems. Tours are guided and provide great insights into how local life and livelihoods have changed over the years as the industry evolved. The views of the boats are unparalleled.

Gourmet travelers will enjoy trips to some of the best cheese farms and markets in the country. Some of the most popular tourist attractions are Henry Welig Cheese Farms, Clara Maria Cheese Farm and Cluj Factory. Both give visitors the chance to sample traditional cheeses.

Brewery tours are a good way to spend time in the Netherlands. In the center of Amsterdam, you can go to Brouwerij t & # 39; Ij, or go south and make a visit to Brouwerij De Molen in Bodegraven, southern Netherlands.

You can make use of your time in the Netherlands by combining a flower-seeing trip with other country attractions with a city vacation. The small and proud country boasts an excellent transport system with frequent trains connecting all major cities from Amsterdam to Groningen to Maastricht.

If you're traveling to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, it's a short train ride from the capital's central train station. To give you enough time to explore as many attractions as possible without having to plan any internal transfers within the city, you can book at the Amsterdam Hotel next to the train station like Double Tree by Hilton.